June 1st

Is anyone else in awe that the year 2011 is half over already??

June 1st ... signals a LOT of things:

Start of Hurricane Season is number one. Not that anything happens TODAY but the awareness is up a few more notches.

I've also decided that perhaps, maybe just maybe, I should try a reduced spending month again.

I mean heck, I've got 3 freezers stuffed so full that I wasn't able to take advantage of almost free ice cream (may utilize the freezer at work today, still thinking about that).

I've got a huge wall pantry stuffed with dry goods and then other cabinets with a bunch of stuffed in between.

AND I've got a savings account that is NOT showing signs of life. Meaning it needs to be fed.

So .... I wonder ... can I do with $200 for the month to feed the family (and the damn cats)? That would include laundry soap (need now), cat litter (need now), cat food, BEER (unless, of course, I go alcohol free too?) ... but yes, I think I can do it. Can I do it for even LESS? I bet I could!

I like to tell myself that I ONLY spend $50 a week on groceries. But that just is NOT true. I mean seriously. Especially lately with the cost of everything going up the way it has. I probably spend more like ... $100 ... maybe more, on average? I don't really know, although I should, I know.

So how about it? Anyone else want to join in?

My rules: for ME:
1. No stockpiling UNLESS it's a VERY VERY good deal (um, like the ice cream?)

2. Eating out is going to have to be the gift cards and groupon deal (I have a $40 credit from a purchase for a local restaurant that I will use first, then maybe Roccos Tacos)

3. Ummm Kids? Yeah. It's summertime. And lots of kids will be coming and going. And I have a feeling that a lot of the food will be fruit and produce and that stuff gets expensive. So produce store will have to be a priority.

4. Really and truly get some of this stuff out of the freezers. Good lord. Ice cream deals??

5. Bake a little more for the yummy stuff, as in graduation cake, father's day special, etc.

Come on and join me!


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