Inspiring Reading

Ahhh, I'm in for such a RUDE awakening tomorrow afternoon.

My boss comes back from being OUT for over 10 days.

The other boss has been gone since last Thursday.

I've really enjoyed the QUIET time (at the office no less!) and have gotten a LOT of work done without interruptions ... ahem.

Seriously, lots and lots of work. It's been nice to see progress.

And of course, I've been able to leisurely surf the net and browse at my convenience.

And I found a pretty neat, informative, motivational and inspiring blog ... I'm only on page 14!

Mom On A Mission.

Seriously. The chickens. The camping. The cooking. The FREEZER cooking. The recipes. And on and on!

I want to go home, whip out the stockpile of ziplocs and have at it! Woohoo!!

Yes. I know. We all do little things with the freezer to get a little ahead of the game. Yes, I am having Tacos tonight. It's in the fridge, thawing.

But she has a PLAN! A real bonafide plan!

:) I'm thrilled .... I can't wait to follow along now!  You should go check it out!

Oh, and by the way...don't tell my boss, ok? I don't 'think' he'd can me for this but just sayin :)  ::Waving to TTC ... my favorite boss::  You all know I love my bosses and my job, right? :)


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