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We are Frugal, for the most part. Of course, I confessed over here how easy it is to fall off the wagon and have spent the better part of the week beating myself up over it. Seriously. But it is time to move on ...

I mentioned that some things I do, others would think were frivolous. And I also mentioned that each family and budget are completely different.

We have cable. Just basic cable, none of those movie channels that will bring your bill almost as high as your mortgage payment if you aren't careful.

We also have Netflix. Yes, Netflix. I get the DVD's in the mail AND can watch on the computer AND we also hook through the Xbox and/or Wii.

It cost me $16 (give or take a few pennies) a month.

And I say it's well worth it.

The kids and friends will plop down in the Florida Room and watch movies all night long. Some are funny (to me) and others are, well, ::shudder:: freaky. But hey, they are all grown kids now and if they want to sleep fitfully because of that scary stuff, so be it, just do it on THAT side of the house.

Hubby and I don't have movie night as often as we used to ... Life interferes. BUT we do watch the movies, and we do watch the online ones.

Is it money well spent? To me, yes. $10 a ticket to go to a theater? That's $20 just for the movie. I can make the popcorn, pour some soda in a big cup and be comfortable in my own living room (and not have the sound BLARING) ... pause if I absolutely MUST take a break ...

Do you do Netflix or Blockbuster online? I'm curious....

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  1. Yes, my hubby & I get movies & TV series' from Netflix. We don't watch any "regular" TV & rarely go to a theater. If we really enjoyed a particular movie & want to own it, then my hubby flags it on for when a good price comes along. This works for us.


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