State of the Economy (and your own financial situation). Long. Opinionated. Rambling.

This post has been rambling around for a while. Tweaked, deleted, added to and then tweaked again. Because the LAST thing I want to do is cause issues and a verbal slaughter!

But seriously.

We've hit our debt ceiling.  Does anyone really know what that means?

It means that the credit card will not work at Walmart, Target, wherever you try to use it.

It means you have NO liquidity left.

I'm sure anyone reading this has had that gut sinking feeling when the cashier shakes her head at you indicating that it's a no go. Well, that's what America is going to be feeling soon.


I'm concerned. Enough so that I jokingly tell those around me that I feel like I should be stocking up on flour, sugar, water bottles, tuna, batteries, 100 watt light bulbs (I kid!), ammo and whiskey (tequila, vodka, beer) ... because really, what WILL happen to the economy?

Am I for the raising of taxes? I prefer not to because I feel I pay quite a bit as it is already. AND if those in the big house and surrounding areas can NOT figure out how to cut spending then I'm really against giving MORE money for them to continue to spend so carelessly.

I have a budget.

I know that at the end of the month, x y and z are due in this amount. And I also know that I MUST make sure this is paid for every stinkin month.

Why doesn't the government get that?

Tough times call for drastic measures. And I think it's time that they start analyzing just WHAT they can do.  Yes, I know it will add to the unemployment statistic (which is bogus anyways, if you are working a mere 10 hours a week, you are considered employed by their standards), but aides, staff and such need to be let go. That will reduce a HUGE overhead cost. I mean, heck, do the aides need aides who have aides to do stuff for them? I work by MYSELF 80% of the time and do it A. L. L. How about turning off some of them lights, turn down the heat, consolidate your trips (ummm, that big helicopter to the BIG jet?). Entertaining? Perhaps reduce that too. I know it's the white house and the president, and no disrespect, but for crying out loud, if the American people are suffering, they really don't want to see you kicking back with a bunch of 'friends' drinking beer, hosting a big eat out (with who knows how much food was wasted because it wasnt' consumed and I somehow don't see the white house serving leftovers every Thursday) watching the basketball game dude! At that point they are NOT feeling jealous but rather anger at the inconsideration.

Ok. So. now that I got THAT out of the way, let me share with you my own personal stuff:

Hubby's company is again being pursued for takeover. AGAIN. Not such a bad thing in my opinion but most likely would result with him being let go (can only have x amount of directors, you know?).  My own thoughts are that he could definitely find something else to do, even if its FINALLY doing something on his own. I would support him 100% percent. Of course, the usual drawback is the medical benefits and such.

My company is fighting for leverage this month. No, we are not closing our doors or anything like that. Its just been a painfully slow month business wise. We don't make money IF we dont' do any closings. 2 are on the books so far. TWO. I'm thankful it was slow to start as I was gone on vacation and then attending the funeral, but NOW I'm ready to get back to work! As you know, I work in real estate law. AND while the market is showing SOME life its actually depressing the market as the bank owned properties are selling WAY below what the revenue tax base says they are worth. This will cause more tax adjustments for property taxes and it's NOT going to be pretty. It's one thing to buy a home at a great deal, below market value and another for whole neighborhoods to be bought and sold this way. Brings down the WHOLE value.

Summer is here. Sonny Boy finishes school on Wednesday the 25th (sob). At that point, I will pack him a sack lunch and tell him to go to work and not come home until 5pm. Go find a job that pays for all this extra stuff he expects. I kid, I think, maybe not. It's a thought. I wonder if it will work? He will (hopefully) head mid state for college in late July (sob). This all depends on what kind of financial aid comes through. Florida has cut back drastically on the amount offered through the Bright Futures program, not sure about the rest of the awards that are out there yet.

Princess is plugging away working but I don't really anticipate her leaving the house anytime soon. Not so bad IF she would remember to turn everything off when she leaves, such as ceiling fan, take ac off 74 degree hold so it can go back to 78, etc. She will be going back to school in August which is no big deal since she goes local but of course, books and such will need to be paid for (thanks SWAGBUCKS for the Amazon giftcard offers!).

I have 2 kitties that need to visit the vet soon for a checkup and shots. As they go in and out at will, they need to be kept up to date. Flea medicine will need to be started soon too as summer is the worse and I hate the thought of fleas biting them!

Hurricane season is just around the corner. That means the typical hurricane supply stuff needs to be inventoried and restocked. Not so bad this year I don't think as we've gotten off for a few years. Wet wipes, foil pans, foil, paper products etc will need to be replenished. Candles too I think as I started to use them up finally. Which reminds me that Hubby needs to fire up the generator and be sure thats all in order! I wanted to look at some of these water filter things (Berkley, etc.) to use in addition to my puny annoying Brita ...

My pantries and freezers are bulging again. I don't know HOW that happens and I suppose I should be thankful. I need to attempt to make a serious effort to eat out of the freezers again ... seriously :)

Our gardening season is pretty much over do the strong sun and heat. I ripped out the remainder of my tomato plant (green tomatoes and all). Some of this is because we have MEDFLY issues lately too ... not in my neighborhood, but how do I now for sure? The jalapeno plant is thriving again. Glad I've not ripped it out yet. I need to get my herbs back on track too. Lettuce? Not sure if I can get it to grow now as it's HOT and they don't like it that hot.

Time to put myself back in the seat where every dollar spent is seriously evaluated.

Time to Buckle Up folks. We are in for a rough ride.


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