Menu Plan Monday - May 16 to 21

It's another Monday and that means time to link up with Organizing Junkie and her Menu Plan Monday party!  Geesh, it's 1pm already and I'm like #210!

Hubby finally came home last night ... we were in the driveway at midnight. Yeah, I'm up already ... and tired as all get out. So glad I decided to lay low this weekend instead of going with the girlfriends otherwise it would be much worse.  Hubby said that he still has NOT had a chance to deal with the reality of all this ... he was busy getting everyone organized because that's what he does ...

We both agreed that we need to get back to the gym routine AND to start eating healthier. One too many casseroles up there in Indiana :)

Princess leaves for her cruise on Monday and returns on Friday and Sonny Boy only has this week and next for school ... but a lot of catching up from the missed week last week.

Sunday - fend for yourself, leftovers

Monday - Chopped salad ... anyway you like it (I've got grilled chicken, turkey, cheese, hard boiled eggs, you name it, to top it all off with)

Tuesday - Cesar Pasta Chicken Salad

Wednesday - Crockpot Broccoli Beef

Thursday - Frozen Chicken dinner stuff (birdseye, looking for a quick meal!)

Friday - Hot dogs (chili cheese or Chicago style, not sure)

Saturday - Would like to say I'm leaving it up to Hubby but probably not, so chicken on the grill is the most likely choice...possibly the spinach stuffed type :) OR the baked steak

As I'm hoping that Hubby will want to start working on the boat and getting it ready to put back in the water, I will get the sandwich bar ready to put out for Saturday and Sunday lunches.

Check out the Monday Menu Plan ... 100's of others are linking up ... tons of ideas to be had!


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