Menu Plan for May 8th to May 14th

Remember I did the whole month of May in one sweep? Also, remember, I said things are allowed to change, drop, rotate, repeat, etc? Yeah, this week is the allowable week ...

I had a bunch of yummy looking things on here, such as pasta with my homemade sauce, chicken rolly polly thingys and so on ... but then, we got the news about my Hubby's funny, sweet mom and things just literally hit the floor.

So, with him being gone, the kids and I in shock and grief, the fact that at some point this week we will most likely fly up North for a day or two to attend the funeral/memorial, Lord only knows what we will be eating and when.

I've got 2 bags of chicken marinating in the fridge that was to have been dinner for Sunday and lunches for the remainder of the week ... need to cook them and freeze them before I leave...

The kids must still eat .... even if I don't feel like it, and I really need to keep it simple so not a lot of planning needs to be made ahead of time (defrosting of meat, etc) and to keep leftovers at a minimum...

Sunday - since it was a last minute rush to the airport to drop off Hubby, we stuck with nachos and pizza
Monday (woke up late and it's an AP testing day for Sonny Boy, not a good way to start the week off) ... chicken tacos and more nachos.
Tuesday - burgers and onion rings
Wednesday - it's Survivor night ... will probably not watch it (that would be 3 weeks I've missed it) spaghetti with chicken in a Parmesan like environment
Thursday - hot dogs
Friday - Sonny Boy's prom ... I really hope he still gets to go to it ... seriously.
Saturday - chicken and rice

Princess is to leave on a cruise on Monday the 15th ... I am so hoping that we hold off another week or so for the memorial and such. Self centered and inconsiderate? I certainly hope that's not how it comes across ... but PROM is such a big deal for high school Seniors and the cruise, well, it's not such a big deal to some, but for Princess, it is.

I hate grief. It's such a wide ranging emotion.

Link on up with Organizing Junkie for the Menu Plan Monday series ... lots of others do and it's always good for ideas!


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