Gel Nail Polish

There's this manicure out there that you can get in which your nails are painted with a gel nail polish. 3 coats with each coat being "cured" using UV lights.

A few weeks back (before the Vegas trip) I went ahead and had it done. I'm confused if there is a fake nail you can do too ... but I only did the polish. My nails were short, broken, and polish just never lasts very long.

So I said yes. $25. Not as expensive as other things.

OMG. They were dry as soon as she patted my hand to signal we were done. Seriously.

Reach in purse and take out keys, money, etc. NO SMUDGE! I almost never ever make it home without doing at least one nail :)

2 weeks and a day later, I can see the growth and that point of the nail is really rough ... and irritating me to no I start to pick at the polish. Contrary to what I was told, I peeled all the polish off ... and I don't believe I have any damage to my nails ... SWEET!

I guess in order to remove the polish, you are suppose to have it soaked off ... which means another trip to the salon and more $.

Would I do it again? Heck yeah!  But I think this time I'd do it in clear instead of red. Amazing how fast your nails really do grow when you can see the polish difference. No chipping or smudging AND they stayed shiny. Plus the nails are still strong, and I'm hard on them ... dishes, laundry, cleaning in general, typing, etc.

*I did read somewhere that you should give your nails a break in between so I probably won't go and do it again for another week or so ...

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