Costco Trip

Remember, last week I did a big Costco trip when we got back from Vegas? On Mother's Day. Yes, I did.

Multigrain crackers $6.59
Annie Fruit Snacks $9.79 (which Princess hates)
12 pk individual serving pizzas $9.89 less $3 (x2)
V8 (48 pk?) x 2 $19.99 each less $5 each (Hubby loves his V8 so I made an effort to get the low sodium!)
36 ct pudding $7.49
18 pk easy mac cheese $6.29
4 pk lysol wipes $11.99 less $2.75
18 pk Orbit gum $8.99
3 pk lysol toilet cleaner $6.99 less $2.75
12 pk coconut water $19.79 ... ehhh...I may take this back
jelly belly jelly beans $15.99
2 pk listerine $9.19 less $2.50
1000 colored plastic cups (not really 1000 but alot) $7.99
lays baked chips 30 ct $10.89 less $2.25
2 lb strawberries $5.49
6 pk romaine $4.29
5 lbs tomatoes $5.99
3 pk english cukes $3.79
42 oz Citracel (extra fiber needed in our diet I believe) $21.19 less $3.50
10 lb chicken breast $21.39
50 ct Claritin reditab (which I forgot for Indiana) $24.99 less  $6
12 pk angus cheeseburgers $12.79 less 4 (x2)
razors $24.99
garlic cesar dressing $5.99
potstickers $10.69 less $2.50
Starbucks coffee beans $19.99 less $4.50
crumbled bacon bits $9.99
2 pkgs honey roasted turkey breast $7.90 and $7.70
grey poupon $6.69
lemons $6.79
bananas $1.47 (they were delicious and long gone before we left on Tuesday thankfully!)
JIF Peanut Butter $8.39 less $2
Uncle Ben 7 grain rice $9.99 less $3 (I think this was a pretty good deal) x 2
Beef Dinner Franks $10.99
Cooked bacon $11.79
toothpaste (5 or 6 pk?) $12.99 less $4

grand total? $405.58 with tax. Paid half with cash and other half with debit.

The bad thing is that Hubby left that evening suddenly and the rest of us left on Tuesday morning. The lettuce and all are holding up so far I believe...

Notice, no milk. No cream. No half and half? The price has really gotten much higher there to the point where its not worth it for me to take a chance that we won't drink all of it before it goes south so I'm just going to make that the grocery store stop weekly.

I'm hoping to NOT have to do much shopping the rest of the month. After the trip to Vegas and then the unexpected round trip for 4 of us (ummm, cost MORE just for the flights than my whole entire trip with food & gambling included to Vegas) I need to be a little more conservative :)


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