Blackened Grouper Sandwiches

For those who live in Florida, you know that most "local" restaurants will offer this at some point on the menu and man, it is sooooo very good. I had purchased some fillets from Winn Dixie when they were buy one get free a while ago & I've got burger buns that need to be used so here we go!

4 grouper fillets
blackening season (I use Badia brand, cheaper, bigger bottle, just as good as that "Big Man" stuff)
Lemon (for the juice, or heck, you can use the bottled stuff, I won't tell)
Burger buns
Coleslaw (I just use the raw cabbage from a bag and toss with a little more thousand island dressing)

Thousand Island dressing
Pickle spears

Lay out the filets in a glass dish. Run your fingers over to be sure there are no bones (I have fish bone phobia, sorry). Squeeze the juice of one lemon over the fish. Sprinkle evenly with the blackened seasoning. A little makes it a flavor, alot gives it a kick, use your discretion. Flip the fishies and repeat.

Spray a grill pan with a heavy amount of no stick spray once pan is heated to medium high. Place fillet on pan & cook til cooked.

Lightly toast your buns.

Place cooked fillet on bun, top with a little coleslaw, thousand island dressing and a pickle spear on the side.
Serve and enjoy ... this is excellent with FRESH fish but seems that grouper have been difficult to catch (for us anyways) of late so we've had to settle for frozen.  This would work with ANY type of light fish, chicken, etc. Yummm!

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