Steals and Deals

You probably already know, but I dislike shopping at Winn Dixie. The stores are dirty, the prices are high and the employees are well, rude. There. I said it.

Anyways, they have Arizon Tea, Arnold Palmer Light on sale this week. And of course, like anything else that is a decent deal nowdays, the shelves have been empty. Hubby could drink a bottle of this stuff a day if we could only get our hands on the stuff.

Therefore, it's become a thing to stop at the store every night on the way home from the gym. I've struck out twice this week with the tea.

However, I did get a steal...what a deal!

1 lb ground chicken, Perdue. $1 per package.

Yes. You read that right folks! This stuff is normally $5.99 per package if I recall.

AND WE LOVE GROUND CHICKEN TACOS!!!! So much better than ground turkey!

So, I bought all 7 packages. Sell by date was yesterday (when I bought them) so I definitely need to get crackin on the packages tomorrow.

Sweeeeeet deals are few and far in between lately :)

*Ironically enough, today, at Aldis, what do I see? Arnold Palmer Light for $2.69. Close so I grabbed two. :)


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