Menu Plan Monday ....

Ho hum, it was another Sunday and time to decide just what to feed the gang for the week.

I've had high expectations this past several weeks, and of course, the evil bug carrying a COLD landed on me around Monday last week.  First thought it was an allergy (no, I've never really said that) but after 2 days of nonstop running sinuses (seriously!) they finally seized up, got a little congested and turned into a funky dry cough. Gads.

We still went boating on Saturday, still had friends over for food and drinks, and life continues onward, regardless of if the Head Queen is sick. All you other moms out there, nod your head and raise your hands and say Amen Sister!

So there I was ... Sunday morning, eating a cinnamon raisin bagel (just don't let me flip over the package and see how many ingredients there really are beyond cinnamon and raisins), and trying to scheme of things to feed the group this week ...

Sunday - chicken teriyaki thighs with rice ... these bad boys have been marinating away since Saturday morning, we never did get around to cooking them Saturday ... rice will be in the rice cooker, jasmine probably

Monday - Turkey tacos (salad for me and the rest will have traditional) ... another big package that takes up valuable ice cream space GONE from the freezer. If any rice is leftover, will maybe try to convert to mexican rice as a side dish (psst...Monday is G O N E and we didn't eat this ... )

Tuesday - Chicken Cesar Pasta salad

Wednesday - SURVIVOR NIGHT -

Thursday - leftovers OR soup and sandwiches/wraps

Friday - Sliders on the grill (these are in the freezer already and I believe I have some buns there too)

Saturday - yeah, I realize tomorrow is Easter. We have never really done traditional stuff on Easter as it's only the 4 of us, family wise, and we always just hang out with friends and neighbors. Being that Hubby travels Monday for a whole week and THEN in 3 days after he comes home, we head for VEGAS baby, I don't want a bunch of leftovers floating around so thinking of maybe doing a small ham today and then eating it up on Sunday too ... still up in the air ...

Whats are YOU planning for the week? Link up on over at Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday and check out the 100's of others! Just an FYI, I linked up on Tuesday morning and was NUMBER 339! Holey Moley!


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