Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Since last week was a sort of fly by the seat of your pants kind of week, figured I'd better get the menu plan in place and posted!

It's 6:50 and I'm ready to head to work EARLY ... I have a lot to do and believe this week *unfortunately* will be just as bad as last week was ... but hey, I'm thankful that I have a JOB period, that I love, and that pays pretty decent.

Hope to get to the gym several times this week again (only got there 2 times last week AND only 1 class based on the arrival time) ...

Sunday - Pasta with red sauce (freezer) and garlic bread with salad
Monday - Quesidillas and was hoping to have black bean soup but that does NOT appear to be happening at this point
Tuesday - Baked taters and salad (taters will be in oven with oven set to come on at 6pm)
Wednesday - SURVIVOR NIGHT - BBQ pork (crockpot) sandwiches and corn
Thursday - Ranch Chicken Salad (fyi ... the picture here is stellar but I can assure you, mine will NOT look like that!)
Friday - chicken - depending on weather and how I am doing (do I need a RELAXING or entertaining evening) will determine if it's going to be grilled outside with cocktails in hand or something like a creamy Chicken Marsala ...
Saturday - Hubby's choice, but think I will push for ribeyes or he most likely will opt for chicken thighs ... hmmm...

So what's on your menu for the week? Stuck in a Rut? Hop on over to Organizing Junkie and link up with the 100's of others participating in Menu Plan Monday!

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