I'm going to VEGAS baby!

I've got a birthday coming up. Not a *big* birthday, well, sort of big, because geesh...I've only got a few more years before AARP starts sending ME mail ...

Every time Hubby goes to Vegas for business, I'm always like, man, wish I could go ...

This year, he surprised me (and NO, he's not going on business) ... I was notified by email with an airline confirmation from the airline for our flight schedule. WOO - HOO Baby!!

I do NOT know where we are staying (I think it's going to be a surprise too). UPDATE: MGM Grand! The Lion Sanctuary is there!!

I've declined the opportunity to go on the sandy buggy exciting excursions (somehow, I do not think Hubby's back doctor would approve of same).

I'm apprehensive about going on any rides at the Stratosphere thingy ... let alone standing in the observation deck and looking down at the city (afraid of heights and get severe vertigo ...) Hubby has recommended I have a few cocktails beforehand, yeah, so I can puke before I pass out? The rollercoaster rides? Uh, I think I'll wait for you Honey ... Love You! Hugs and Kisses!

We can't make our decision, Blue Man Group. Rat Pack. Criss Angel (freaky guy). All. None? Elvis?? Donny and Marie (IF those last two ever do get on the list, I'll let you know, but I'm quite certain thats not happening!). UPDATE: We can drive to Orlando and see the Blue Man Group IF we really wanted to ... so I've scratched that from the list ...

We will gamble. A little. Not a lot. Hopefully. I'd like to come home with money still in my savings account :) CASH ONLY for this part of the trip. I've told Hubby we need to come to an agreement BEFORE we leave the house as to how much we will spend on this particular area.

Seafood on Ice? You betcha. They use band saws to cut the crab legs open so all you do is reach in and take the meat out ... how nice is that?? I love crab legs but HATE breaking and digging (and making a huge mess!)

We've not told the kids yet. 18 and 20, they can fend for themselves ... but I didn't want to give too much notice ... they are good kids and I really don't see an issue arising in the few days we are gone ...


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