A few little stops ...

I've not *shopped* for a few weeks. But I have stopped here and there to pick things up, generally on my way home from the gym, when I'm sweating, trying to catch my breath, and just in a hurry :) It really has done wonders for the budget, plus I'm less inclined to browse and think oh, that looks good :)

So here's what I've gotten (last night) from Publix:

2 kraft shredded cheddar (on sale for 3/$5, I have a $1.50 off 2 so more cheap cheese)
3 pk romaine lettuce $3.09
small bag of baby spinach, $3.79
2 lb bag of baby sweet peppers, $5.99
small bunch bananas, 69cents lb
loaf of french bread $1.49
gallon 2% milk $3.75

All that for $20.07. Every single thing, with the exception of the cheese, KILLED me to buy at those prices. All those items would be so much less at Costco. Uggg. I see a Costco trip coming up pretty soon ... just a small one, nothing major, promise!

Then last week was a trip to the new PetSmart ... had to get flea medicine, $100 later which included bag of cat food ... flea medicine, 2 new toys. Not realizing that the one toy made baby bird sounds UNTIL I woke to not one, but 2 baby birds in the house Sunday. Not so very bad except one was in Hubby's sneaker. Um, he was not so very happy about that. UnFortunately either the Momma Bird is on to him OR there are no more to choose from. Hmmm....

Ummmm...there was a small trip at Publix, picked up 2  pizzas and something else for about $15. 

All in all, I think I'm doing fairly well ... :)


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