Egg Tips & Tricks

I almost forgot that Easter is right around the corner. Oh. Like in 4 days? :) This is what happens as you get older ....

So for me, perfect time to share a few egg tips and tricks!!

1. To have hard boiled eggs with beautiful yolks and none of that grey green stuff around the edges? Place eggs in pan and fill with water to cover by an inch. Bring to a boil and IMMEDIATELY remove them from the heat and cover. Let sit for 15 minutes. Cool with ice water to stop cooking. Amazing. I never knew and heck, this is way more frugal too!

2.  To peel the egg so it stays intact? First, don't start off with super fresh eggs from the chicken. Second, crack the top and bottom of egg first. Find that little inner membrane of the shell and be sure you are peeling that otherwise you will have the *dry* peel and that thin membrane will still be on the egg. Ick. I'm sure there is a true technical name for this but I'm not interested whatsoever!

3.  Deviled Eggs ... I don't have a recipe but for some reason everyone requests a recipe after eating mine. I make my mix drier than most and it's almost 50/50 mayo and mustard. Hellmans, not that fluffy fake stuff and regular yellow mustard. I think it's because I use alot more mustard than most people do? I don't add any funky seasoning either. Just a little pepper. And a dash of paprika (smoked, of course!) over the top when done. Any egg that breaks just use that to scoop up the remainder of the yolk mix and eat :)

4.  Did you know hard boiled eggs will stay in the fridge for a week unpeeled? I try to keep some for my salads (great protein!) and egg salad sandwiches for those mornings I'm not in the mood for the breakfast sandwich.

So boil up some eggs and go to town! Works for Me and I think this might be a candidate for the Ultimate Recipe Swap!


  1. great idea for the deviled eggs...will have to try that. I sprinkle mine with cumin instead of paprika sometimes--makes a great variation. Jumped over here from Organizing Junkie and look forward to seeing more of your site. thanks!


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