Changing of Opinions

I can remember, oh so very long ago, when Biggest Loser was starting out.

I remember thinking to myself, good Lord! Who would want to watch a bunch of very overweight people exercise, diet and whine?? Seriously. And I don't say it in a mean way. My own mother would qualify for the show based on her weight (but her age and health issues would not) ... I just couldn't grasp the concept of why the general public would spend an hour or so a week (more than that!) watching something like this.

Guess what?

I'm hooked.

To see the transformation through sheer will ... to see the change in the people ... I just find in incredibly amazing.

Last night, the one dude, Rulon, his athletics ability blew me away. Like that dude could seriously be a contender in some sports. Oh doh. He was an olympic athlete when he was younger. And then I see that he is a gym owner and motivational speaker. Huh. Just goes to show you how easy it is to gain weight and have it spiral out of control.

And then there is the gal from Valparaiso ... the town next to my hometown ... it really is a small world folks!  And the fact that her family owns one of the dairy queen restaurants, irony, I tell ya!
I like being able to see some of the exercises and workouts they use to give me ideas. I HATE the fact that it's become a huge advertising show though. Notice how someone is always endorsing something, last night was the Wholly Guac ... I imagine that it does boost sales for the products though ...

Has anyone else changed their view on this show? I'm curious now ...


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