The Cat and the Lizard

It seems that everytime I turn around lately, there is a lizard in the house.

And every time I see one, I shriek.

Sometimes softly.

Sometimes very loudly.

We have these Bahamian curly tail guys, they are MEAN ... BIG and UGLY. Two had to be chased out of the house on Sunday. TWO. *shudder*

Then we have these Florida lizards. They are vibrant green most of the time, but they do camouflage. And they are the exact opposite of the Bahamian lizards, long, lean and very streamlined.

I was coming in the back sliding door and saw him on the side of the house so had Sonny Boy close the cat window so it wouldn't come IN or the cat wouldn't go out and bring it in. (yes it happens ALL THE TIME).

As a result, this is what happened:


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