Where did all the dollars go?

I started the month off with a big wad of cash in my wallet. And that wad is now hardly even called a short stack.


Over here, I noted that I've tried to ditch all the plastic. Using cash and cash only. The exception is for gas for Brutis (which Sonny Boy drives) and the Tahoe (which I drive), we use the American Express once a week to fill them up. Uggg. Just easier for me. I am NOT looking forward to doing so this morning, that's for sure, $3.89 for regular unleaded. Come on. Give me a break (but HEY, the economy is rebounding and the Little Guy is BACK according to the paid well talking heads!)

For a while there, I tried to use cash and the American Express. But the problem with that was that I'd run out of cash and then bring out the American Express. THEN when the American Express bill came, I'd be like "holey moley", where did all that come from?

So back to the first line.  I am seriously looking at the wallet and shaking my head.

$5 here.
$100 there.
$25 here.
$12 there.

Well...that adds up to ALMOST what I'm missing. Crumb. Just goes to show you, keep an eagle eye on them bills ... they do add up real quickly. Hopefully no big sales this week and I can get by with the basics of milk, bread and eggs (and cheese, I know I can get a couple bags for 50 cents)...


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