When enough really is enough

Jessica over at Life as Mom is hosting her usual Frugal Friday linkup ... and today's theme is really an important one that I need to bring back to the homefront.

Settle for Less....

Much easier said then done, trust me.

Here's an example for ME:

My closet and dresser. Overflowing with clothes, shoes, STUFF (which we know the other word for stuff, right? Junk. Or S*it even). Anyways. I have lots and lots of clothes. Just a note: I only own 2 belts. Huh. In my dresser, my tshirt drawer, I could barely close it, let alone keep the tshirts neatly folded. I finally just broke down and went through each and every shirt. Haven't worn it in awhile (oh, I forgot I had that!), it went in the pile for yardsale/goodwill. Stained, waaaay too small (lots of them fell into that category, unfortunately) went in the pile too.

Same with my closet. Sort of. My closet holds the majority of my work clothes. My law firm employers are pretty laid back and do not require that I DRESS the legal blonde style, but I do have some nicer office attire. Again, however, some of these things are just way too small but I'm having a difficult time in getting rid of them. Afterall, that is the cutest little skirt, chatty gave it to me. Oh and this blouse, it's so pretty (even if it gaps open because of the extra fat). And these shoes. Oh they are soo cool. I can remember when I bought them (even though they are the most uncomfortable things in the world).

So yeah. Enough, really is enough.

It's time to purge and be ruthless about it. To just say no. I do NOT need 5 black skirts of various sizes and lengths, do I? NO.

Fortunately, most of the clothes in the closet have either been purchased at Thrifts OR given to me for free. Its just a shame that I let so much stuff come in without really utilizing it ... not very well thought out afterall ... so time to clear it out ... and NO, not start over again...because, really, Enough is Enough. :)


  1. Good for you! I have been purging and simplifing with a few major set backs (nothing like a baby to load you down with tons of things neither of you needs) and it is freeing.

  2. :) Oh yeah, the baby will take away all that free time but it's so worth it!


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