Weekend Grocery Shopping

Yeah, I know, didn't I just say something to the effect of no shopping except for milk & such? Oh well.

40 lb fresh step cat litter $9.79 (I realize NOW that my $2 coupon didn't come off!)
a gazllion rolls of tp $17.99
3 dozen large eggs $3.39
large pk of romaine lettuce (6 or 5 heads?) $3.99
2 lb bag mini sweet peppers $4.29 (price went up)
2 pkgs of 90 count red krill vitamins, $18.99 each less $5 each (this was a great deal)
2 twin pks of beef jerkey $11.99 each less $3 each
2 bags of this to die for cashew crunch $9.49 each
400 count aleve knockoff (I take 4 of these a day so...) $12.99
large bottle of canola oil $8.99
36 count welch fruity bites $9.99
large brisket $16.67
Ribeyes $28.52
Brita oceana pitcher $26.99 less $7
4 lbs butter $9.99
*Note, no milk ($2.99 now), half & half ($1.99 now) or cream (didn't even look) ... prices have gone up on most items I see.

Next stop was Penn Dutch Foods ...
Boneless pork loin $7.29
Italian Sausage $10.70
Cabbage 95 cents
Jar of Pepperoncinis $2.49
2 lb bag of mini sweet peppers $2.99
red onions (2) $95 cents
small head of radicchio $1.06
2 cantelopes $1.54 total
red bell peppers (2 large beautiful ones) $2.67
2 funky green peppers $1.55
*the sweet peppers are less than Costco AND they looked so much better.

And then ... to end it all:
Beijing Chinese:
wonton egg drop soup $3.85
pork fried rice $6.95
house special lo mein $9.50
beef chow mein $8.25
2 egg rolls (free)

Just keeping in real ... we were tired and it was 8pm already by the time we looked at each other and asked whats for dinner ... no kids, just me and Hubby and we had leftovers for lunch today and probably enough for 4 lunches total (2 each) ... so not so bad huh?


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