This and That

I stopped at Publix last night to get more cheese before the sale ended and picked up a gallon of milk.

8 oz cheese $1.25 after coupons.
Gallon of milk? $3.75. Ummm, this is like 25 cents more than a week ago!! Not even a week ago. Wow.

Checked out gas prices this morning while waiting at a stop light. Regular, unleaded? $3.67. Premium on one corner was $3.87 and the other corner, $3.99. Thankful that I don't use the higher grade, although Hubby and Sonny Boy do.

Picked up 4 yoplait yogurts at Publix for $1 total after sale and coupon (almost made the milk purchase ok)

Picked up kitty treats for free with sale and coupons (party mix folks!)

Gold closed up $8.90 cents today. Geesh.

Oil closed up $2.38. Even bigger geesh.

Taking Sonny Boy out to dinner tonight and a show. Wicked. I'm so stinkin excited .... 19th row back, aisle seat .... sweeeeeetttttt.. :) And I can't believe he said he would go with me ... gave the Princess first dibs (she has to work) then him (and I had a whole list of other people to call) and he said YES!! I'm so excited, did I say that?? And I love my boss. He's giving me his tickets that he can't use. Excellent seats for an excellent show. He owns me for a little while now I suppose :)

It's also payday. Thankfully. Been a busy month and the paycheck reflects the hard work we've all put in this month. I am thankful for a job that I LOVE and one that can pay me for what I do AND for the wonderful bosses I have. Yes, I am most grateful.

My MIL surgery was a success so far. She is wiggling her toes :) That is great news (and I'm sure a relief for her) ... they did shorten her foot but I'm not quite sure what that means. Hubby should be arriving at the hospital about 5:30 or so eastern time .. I hope everyone is acceptably surprised (yes, it is a surprise).

And that's it for this Thursday afternoon update!


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