Shopping the sales

For food, not miscellaneous type of stuff ...

There has been talk all over blogsphere about the rising cost of food. Yes. I've noticed it too. It stinks. Unfortunately, Ben Bernanke does not really know what the "real" people of America are going through when he states the current oil prices will only have a temporary impact on the economy and basically just shrugs it off.

Higher oil prices mean higher cost of everything. Food. Clothes. Utility bills. Just about everything you use requires some type of energy source (which is predominantly oil driven) to manufacture. So close your eyes, pretend, just for a minute, that you too, are a "Student of the Great Depression", and tell me what your analogy is?

Ok. Anyways, off my rant and moving on (it just irritates me, that's all, get serious and get out on the street with REAL people before you start saying everything is just a-ok).

So. Deep breath.

GFS, also known as Gordens Food Service, has a single page, double sided flyer that came in the mail yesterday. $5 off $50 purchase coupon (I get 2 because our house used to be zoned as a duplex and the mail service still considers it 2 residences) ... AND YES!!!! They have jumbo chicken wings, 5 lbs for $6.99! Woohoo! But wait ... they also have boneless skinless chicken breasts, 5 lbs, for $8.99. Hot diggity dog!

Now I need to go evaluate the freezers ... is there room? Sure there is. I can always make room for wings (I see pizza and wings with beer in the VERY near future!!) ...


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