Running List of Meals

In relation to my thoughts on going back to monthly menu planning and bi-weekly shopping, I've come up with the following quick ideas for dinners. Yeah, there aren't alot of side dishes and/or veggies listed, truthfully, those just aren't as important, I can always toss in some frozen veggies on the side!

1. BLT's
2. Quesidialla and black bean soup (a favorite - just had last night!)
3. Garlicky chicken and rice
4. pot roast (crockpot) with mashed taters and gravy
5. cuban pork and beans with rice
6. hot browns
7. taco soup
8. tacos and nachos
8 baked tater with works
9. spinach stuffed chicken breast
10. spaghetti and meatballs
11. chicken cesar pasta salad
12. chili cheese dogs with oven fries
13. burgers (sliders, whatever)
14. hot dogs (brats, sausage)
15. pizzas
16. pork chops and scallop taters
17. cubano sandwiches
18. pressed sandwiches (any kind) and pasta salad
19. baked tater soup
20. chili
21. grilled cheese and tomato soup
22. chicken stir fry
23. sausage and peppers
24. mac and cheese with smoked sausage
25. turkey with mashed taters and gravy
26. french onion soup
27. Macho Nachos (manly man food!)
28. wings and fries
29. grilled chicken
30. chicken parmsean
31. chicken picatta
32. chicken marsala
33. ramen shrimp packs
34. shrimp scampi
35. roast beef au jus
36. ropa vieja (with chicken)

And if I was smart"er" I would have grouped them together, such as baked tater bar and the next day or two would have been tater soup, or chili and then chili cheese dogs ... but this was suppose to be QUICK!

Amazing, I could probably make 95% of this stuff without a special trip to the store.

Linking up with We Are That Family Works for Me Wednesday. If you haven't been over there, you should ... pretty great tips are to be found AND some interesting reads!


  1. Excellent idea! I've done something similar in the past, but haven't combined it into one list.

    It's so nice not to have to think sometimes!

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Great idea! I find that it is so easy to forget things that I cook...I need to do this.


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