Menu Plan Monday

Ahhh...into the 2nd week of March already!

I got a little sidetracked last week a few nights, a little carried away at the grocery store and whew, we have lots of food to eat up ... AND Hubby is out this week Monday to Thursday and Princess is working every night so the primary focus is Sonny Boy as I could just eat a salad every night (which would be good for me)

So here's what I have planned, on a small scale, OR if I choose to make full size meals, I will just freeze in smaller portions for lunches and/or dinner (those nights when the gym is long running)

Monday - Mac and cheese, just to keep the boy happy. Me? a salad
Tuesday - I think I'll give Sonny Boy some cash ($10 or so) to take girlfriend out to a new burger joint, BurgerFi and give me an opinion. Me, a salad...
Wednesday - enchiladas
Thursday - BLT pizza (CA Pizza Kitchen style. Will probably use the garlic pizza dough recipe)
Friday - grilled chicken
Saturday - Hubby's choice
Sunday - again, maybe I can make the red sauce and we can have pasta

Linking up over at Menu Plan Monday - Organzing Junkie ... I need to start browsing the site more as I see more and more piles starting around the house (how this happens, I have NO idea!) ... hop on over and check out 100's of other menu plan ideas!


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