Menu Plan Monday - March is just about over!

Hubby is traveling this week and will not be back until Sunday evening so the week could be easy for me since it will be just me and Sonny Boy as I believe Princess is working every night. Not a single link or recipe posted. I could almost do this with my eyes closed!

Monday - Tacos. Taco meat from freezer and the fixings are all in the fridge and pantry!

Tuesday - Mac and cheese. This is the last of the freezer stash great sale I had picked up a while ago. I like it because I can nuke it for 15 minutes and dinner is served. I will have the leftover burgers and hot dogs if we so choose, but this is not a nutritional contest this week!

Wednesday - SURVIVOR NIGHT BLT - sandwiches ... along with some veggie fries (or just plain carrot sticks if the fries are gone by then)

Thursday the last day of March (OH MAN!) - I may be going to see Wicked (yeah!) courtesy of my boss (Thank you Thomas!) and it so, I will use my gift card for Cheesecake Factory ($50) that I've been carrying around with me forever. Who's going with me you ask? Not sure yet. Waiting to get the tickets in my had before I start inquiring. First choice is Princess of course, then Sonny Boy, then Fran, then Cathy, then Helen and the list goes on :) I don't think I'll have too many issues finding someone!

Dare I toss in Friday? NO. Hubby is still out, most likely having the neighborhood garage sale on Saturday and heck, lets just do pizza or something kids!

I'm not even going to put Saturday on the menu as I've not decided what I want to do. IF we have a garage sale probably will be too tired to do much. If not, may invite a few girlfriends over and just do a snacky type of thing with appetizers and finger foods (cheese and crackers along with some cheese spread, spinach dip, etc.) I do not figure there will be any kids around, but normally when I assume this, I get a houseful of teen boys playing music and causing Khaos ... (sorry, had to do it, even though they went through a name change recently!)

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