Making do with whats on hand

Hubby has put a temporary ban on me shopping for a few weeks. Woohoo...what a nice guy! It all started when he was trying to find breakfast sausage in the freezers ... and stuff was falling all over him as he *dug* around.

Geesh. Should of just asked me and I would have told you there wasn't any :)

So he went to the grocery store to pick up something he wanted to go with the Saturday dinner he was making (spinach stuffed chicken breast and he LOVES his tuna or bleu cheese stuffed olives as an appetizer). So I just *assummed* that he knew there wasn't any beer in the fridge. Doh. He didn't. Which of course, we still have no beer in the fridge.

Which put me in a pickle. :) Because I didn't know what I wanted for adult beverages that evening. Ummm....hmmm...

HEY. Hold them lemon halves honey!

In a large mason jar, I put the 2 Costco size lemons (after being juiced for the chicken) in the jar, and topped with vodka (Titos, of course). Put the lid on and shook it up. Took a picture:

Then stuffed in the pantry and thought to go google how to make infused vodka.

Ummmm...technically, I should have started this sooner. Like at least a week ago!

That's ok. I'll just add some crystal light lemonade to the glass when I drink it!

So what do you do to make do?

 *I went ahead and left the lemons and vodka in the pantry ... am shaking the jar daily for about 20 seconds and wll give it a taste test come Friday or Saturday. If this works, I will so be putting pineapple on my next grocery trip (when I'm allowed to go) ... It should also be noted that every stinkin website said to start with CHEAP vodka - some even say to distill myself with Brita filter but dang it, I read that too late, glad I didn't use the Belvedere stuff!!! I ended up having margaritas with the limeade and patron.


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