Life's Ups and Downs

This has been a somewhat sobering week for me.

My mother in law goes in for surgery this morning (hopefully she's being prepped as I type) for year long foot infection/contamination, etc. She has 3 choices: continue like this and likely die in 6 months, amputate her foot and leg below the knee, or opt for this surgery and see how it goes. She opted for the surgery but geesh, she's 73 years old and stubborn as a mule ... as Hubby is in Detroit Monday thru Thursday, he will fly in to Chicago in the afternoon and stay through the weekend. Had planned this all along before the big decision was made rather suddenly (uh, one week ago) for her to undergo the surgery.  And for those who really want to know just what is being done, go to that link above and look at the picture on the right. She will be wearing that for 16 weeks at least. But they say she can walk with it ... I don't know.

My neighbor, who I love dearly but have not seen much of lately (shame on me for not making the EXTRA effort) called me early in the morning before I left for work. She's been dealing with kidney stones and all for quite a while and was letting me know that they want to remove the one kidney. First they must ensure that the other is sufficient to carry on. :( Not a big deal in the sense that this happens more often than we think, however, she's no spring chicken either.

I still have NOT made the appointment with the Rheumatalogist. Just too much going on and I dread the outcome of that visit. Plus, really, it's not *earth shattering* in the sense that everyone else around me is dealing with potential life issues.

In other news? I believe I'm going to see Wicked tomorrow night. Have no idea who I'm taking with me as I failed to realize that it's the last day of the 1st quarter, so my first 2 choices for girlfriends is OUT. The kids? Princess may be working (need to call and see) and Sonny Boy, well, he may be dragged into it but I know it would be good for him to do it.  AND ... I'm going to Vegas for my birthday! *smooch* to Hubby for the nice surprise!


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