Busy Day

It's Sunday. And boy, have I been busy ...

3 loads of laundry, washed and dried, folded NOT put away.

1 load in dryer.

One large fluffy blanket to go in washer still (I think we are pretty much done with our COLD weather here!)

Vacuumed master bedroom, master bath, remainder of house (except the other 3 bedrooms and bath, the animals can do that!)

Red sauce is perking away, just about ready to turn off.

French bread is mixing and rising in the breadmaker.

Finished taxes and ready to be submitted, just need to hit SEND

Browsed through 3 (yes, THREE) magazines that all came yesterday, Food Network, Every Day with Rachel and Goodhousekeeping. Need to spend more leisure time to really browse :)

Still need to do:
cut carrots and celery
make salad for week
package sausages, brisket, chicken thighs, pork tenderloin for freezer.
Repackage chinese leftovers for lunches (stash in freezer)
Clean out MAIN fridge
Finish menu plan for month and print and post
Inventory garage freezer

Yes, it's already 1:40!! (really only 12:40 but that dang time change gets me everytime!)

So what have you done today with one hour less?


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