Beauty from the kitchen

Lord only knows HOW I stumble across some of these sights. Is it the name? The pictures? What???

And for those of you who follow along on the blog (all 8 at last count, thank you for your support!), you probably picked up that I'm not quite the beauty consultant with all the newest and latest  best friend had me laughing so hard the other day with regards to "blotters" ... I'm like, huh? She throws her hands up in the air and said, "oh YOU wouldn't know about that stuff." Apparently blotters are for removal of oil from the skin? Huh? AND here's a tip (sheeshhhhhh):

Them little toilet seat liners in public bathrooms ::gag::, they are the same material that blotters are made of. Ok, bet you didn't know that ... AND if you are real frugal/thrifty/cheap, you can use them and save a ton of cash in the process ... I'm just not so sure I could do it, we are talking PUBLIC RESTROOMS. ::shudder::

Ok...anyways. Crunch Betty.  Love the name. Love the cartoonish picture. :) Love the Food On Your Face. And also, love the fairly all natural approach. And hey, lookie there, I have everything in the kitchen to do this ...

Firming Facial Mask

1 egg white
1/2 tsp honey
2 tsp lemon juice

Mix all til smooth and apply to face. Go lay down so the gravity will pull your face back ala Joan Rivers style. Let it dry while you lay there and pretend you are at the spa. Try to resist the urge to scream when someone knocks on the door and wants to know Whats For Dinner?

Once dry, hop into the shower and rinse. Rinse again. And again. Apparently, you need to be sure you rinse really really really well otherwise you could smell like egg whites later (hey, I suppose some people might like that?) ...

End results for me? My skin was smoother. Pores looked less defined. And while I WISH the firming factor stayed (it was a little creepy actually) I do think it did something.

So what the heck, go for it. I'm going to do this 2 times a week and see what happens.  I do need to look and see though if this will keep in the fridge a few days. That was a LOT of stuff to put on my face and no way could I (or would I) use it all at one time ... anyone know?

Linking up over at We Are That Family Works For Me Wednesday ... you should check out all the other tips out there! And just for the record, my tip was NOT about the toilet seat covers ::gag::


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