Aldi Brand Mayo

I'm usually pretty fair game when it comes to store brand/generic products ... for MOST things.

Certain things, as in laundry soap (TIDE), dish soap (DAWN) and a few other things (shampoo and conditioner) I've got to have the real deal.

If you shop at Aldis, you know that 98% of the stuff is their brand. Once in a while you can come across a name brand but not too often. I've been pleased for the most part with the quality/taste and such. (Inquire about the Happy Cow dairy products with anyone in my family).

Except for the mayo.

I'm a Hellman's girl. Uh huh. I just never realized it until yesterday when I made an egg salad sandwich. Blech.

I would compare the Aldi brand mayo (Fit N Active Light) more to Kraft mayo, even perhaps ::gasp:: MIRACLE WHIP (who eats that stuff??) It's tangy. Lemony. Funky fluffy airy creamy odd stuff.

So, adding to my list of non-generic acceptable items: Mayo.

Has anyone else out there found a storebrand that's NOT all that and more?


  1. I'm like you, I am usually happy with store brands, but I don't do store brand yogurts. It has got to be Cascade Fresh yogurt or I go without. :)

  2. Ketchup and Bleach: Heinz and Clorox or do without.

  3. SAHMmy ... I agree with the Heinz for the most part, but the Aldi brand is surprisingly close!

    Alea ... not sure where you are bu the Publix brand yogurt is to die for ... thanks guys!

  4. FIF,
    Do you have Kroger's where you are?
    I like their brand of mayo even better than the Aldi! ;-)
    For years I didn't know the difference in the I (think I) have learned- one's kinda sweet, the other more sour?


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