Take 10

Or in this case, 30 minutes.

What started as a hunt for mayo (seriously) turned in to an utterly disgusted attitude and a cleanout and organinzing of two shelves in the pantry.

Yes. It needed to be done. NOW.


Salad dressings, 14 bottles
BBQ sauc bottles (um, sad considering Hubby MAKES it)
Steak sauce (A1) 9 bottles
Worchestershire sauce (large bottles) 2
Dales seasoning, low sodium 2
Sesame marinade 2
Chili sauce 2
grey poupon
chinese mustard
thai peanut sauce
baby dills 2
dill chips
jams x 4
canned pumpkin 3
bacon bit (costco size bag)
various nuts2
magic shell chocolate
tea bags 12 boxes (and a ziploc)
crystal lite 10 plus ziploc
countrytime lemonade
crystalite pure fitness 2
coffee 5 plus container
syrup x 4
pancake mix x 4 plus container
vanilla protein powder x 2 (plus large bag in other kitchen!)
chocolate protein powder x 2

Here's how it looks now:

AND no mayo or ketchup!

And in the process, I consolidated a few things:


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