Take 10

or even 5 or 15 minutes and tackle a small project.

For me, this morning, at 6:45am, it was this drawer.

Ummm, yeah. It's a mess. And always rather frustrating when I'm trying to find a quick tail holder, or when I pull out the straightner.

10 minutes later, and this included 2 trips OUT of the room to get the little cups for organizing and wet wipe to wipe out the bottom of drawer AND take pictures ...

I threw alot of stuff out. Mostly hair bands that were stretched out, too small, not stretchy enough, etc. The lotions went to the appropriate spot in bathroom (under sink), the nail polish and feet stuff went to the next drawer (threw away 8 bottles of polish). I used the wet wipe to wipe out the drawer when it was empty to get all the hair. Amazing what 10 minutes can do, huh? Go ahead, tackle a small project. Be ruthless!

The two little containers? Those are just those little clear plastic Chinet cups that I got for free last summer. No one around here likes to use them for drinking (small, dainty, dumb) so they make great little organizers.


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog! i love being organized! makes me feel soooo much better! xo


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