Pantry Challenge, days 43, 44 and 45

And we continue...

Day 43, Sunday. Um, breakfast for Hubby and I was shepards pie ... lunch was snacky stuff (and lime cheesecake). Dinner was grilled cheese sandwiches on the Pannini press and tomato soup (canned). Easy. No fuss. No mess.

Day 44, Monday. Hubby is GONE to NY. Lucky dog. That leaves me to feed Sonny Boy mostly as Princess will be getting home late everynight. So breakfast for me was container 1 of 5 of the creamy oatmeal from the other morning. Sonny Boy had pancakes and yogurt with some frozen raspberries folded in. Lunch was the same old thing for SB. I had a salad and a small square of shepards pie (I'm really tired of it now). Dinner was spaghetti which made SB very very happy. The noodles were bought Friday BEFORE Hubby and I discussed Saturday dinner ideas.

Day 45, Tuesday. Breakfast for all of us (well, 3 of us) was scrambled eggs and toast. Lunches were the same for the kids and I had a salad with some precooked chicken from freezer. BLT's for dinner (I tossed some turkey on mine and reduced the amount of bacon to keep it healthier). Used the bacon (and turkey, and tomatoes AND lettuce) that I had picked up from Costco a few weeks ago. The other 3 packages went in the freezer. Never realized just how much bacon we really eat around here. It should be a little worrisome! The bread was picked up at Publix, B1G1F on my way home from work ... so now I have 2 loaves but granted, they are smaller loaves (it's not the big perfect squisy square type).
Seriously, this is pretty sad that I've not spent anywhere near what I normally do at the grocery store on a weekly basis and STILL have tons of food left to feed everyone. I did spend $50 at Publix on Tuesday for 2 loaves bread, 2 sandwich round packages, pomegrante juice (for my upcoming adult beverage this weekend), AND (eek) 5 bags of Tyson chicken strips, all natural. $8.59 normally a bag. Price on shelf said $4.99 and there were $1 off coupons right there. figured heck, this is a GOOD deal. So grabbed 5. They rang up at $8.59. Got the Publix promise (one free) and the rest were priced at $6.99 (my bad, the $4.99 was for some small bag that didn't even exist). Oh, and 2 wrist splints per the Dr. visit Tuesday morning. Don't ask, luckily she said I only need to wear them when I sleep. And I made it a point to get the cat food and litter from the pet store to keep me from getting sidetracked (had to get fleabag medicine anyways).


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