Pantry Challenge, Days 40, 41 and 42

Oh wow, This would be DAY 40! IF I had stuck with 100%. I've done well, I think, by most standards. A few things here and there. Kids are grumbling that there is no "good" food in the house. Not quite sure what their opinion of GOOD would be, but I think there's plenty of yummy stuff going around.

Day 40, Thursday. Breakfast for Sonny Boy, bagel and carnation ... surprised he ate as much as he did but he MUST go to school today. Princess would be fending for herself. I had an omelet, Hubby had the usual. Lunch for Sonny Boy, Nutella and PB sandwich, fruity things, veggie straws and a nutrigrain bar. As he's still sick, I'll be impressed if he eats ... tossed a Propel too. Hubby had a salad, and I loaded it up with cheese and turkey to give him some protein. I had the same with not so much meat and cheese. Dinner was the beef that I had tossed in the crockpot before I went to work, with a cup of water, seasoning and a can of fire roasted tomatoes. Wasn't expecting anything spectacular and wow what a surprise! Had some taters left over to cook up from over the weekend so that was a very nice surprise for Hubby when he came home from the gym.

Day 41, Friday. It's Friday! Sonny Boy made himself scrambled eggs and a bagel BEFORE he got on the road for his drive to Orlando. Princess, I'm quite certain, ran from the house with a glass of OJ in hand as she appeared to be running late when I left. I had a half of a bagel (and was starving all morning after that!) and Hubby had his usual. Lunch for Hubby was a salad (same for me) and he also got some beef on the side because he's special!  Dinner ... PIZZA. NO KIDS (princess had to work) Woohoo! Homemade. A friend came over so this was a real good test! Made Tammy's Recipes Garlic Chicken Pizza. DELICIOUS! Definitely going to post about this with my modifications (took a lot more flour) ... also served a small romaine lettuce salad option on the side with my favorite honey mustard dressing. All I can say is BIG HIT.

Day 42, Saturday. Breakfast. We slept in a little later than normal (imagine!) and I ended up making this Creamy Oatmeal (from Tammy's Recipes, yet again!) ... since it was late we just had a few snacks (pita chips, cheese sticks, you get the picture?) for our mid day food. I wanted to make chicken thighs and sesame noodles BUT hubby had other ideas. He wanted to make a Shepards Pie. Amazingly enough, I had EVERYTHING in house to do so. But it did wipe out the potato supply and I believe that's it for the ground beef too. When we started to layer it all up we realized that crumb, we should have used the rest of the crockpot beef instead of ground would have been soooo much better I think. Oh well, good still. I did make the cheesecake pie. So all in all, I think the past 3 days have been the MOST successful so far. Maybe I'm getting in the swing of things??

Anyone else still pursuing the Challenge??

*Hubby's been having some serious back issues again for the past 2 weeks and he's just trying to push though it ... but seriously, I think he needs to get to a back specialist soon. Uggg.


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