Pantry Challenge, Days 34, 35, 36 and what the heck, 37

It's not that I don't have any food in the house, I'm just lacking the desire to create anything!

Day 34 (Thursday), breakfast for Sonny Boy was a bagel with cream cheese and banana. Princess (?) was asleep. I had a banana, cheese stick and yogurt with some frozen raspberries and blueberries mixed in. Lunch for me was salad with more steak (had to make more Evil Jungle Salad dressing and I will be posting that shortly!), and a clementine for my snack. Sonny Boy got out early, so hoping that he makes something. Princess would be at school so hopefully she made something too! Dinner plans are so out of whack its not even funny! I mean seriously, I was just looking at the menu plan and the ONLY thing we've done of the 4 days is CANNED SOUP! Ack. Then I got sidetracked browsing the internet and ended up making double baked taters (which made the animals very happy and me too!)

Day 35 (Friday, it's Friday!). Breakfast for Princess (crabby patty) was a egg and bacon bit sandwich (no bacon left!), I had cheese stick, banana and clementine, sonny boy was on own upon waking up. I had a salad for lunch, Princess packed a bag full of snacks and Sonny Boy? Well, he was probably just rolling out of bed. Dinner was chicken. A whole chicken that was cut in half. And marinated in Mojo. And then baked and finished on the grill. And wow, it was pretty good!

Day 36 (Saturday) ... breakfast was fend for yourself which 3 of 4 ate a bagel. I had scrambled eggs. Lunch, again, fend for self, Hubby had leftovers and I had nachos. Hehe. Kids, no clue. Then I had drama with Sonny Boy, which derailed my thought process for dinner. We had an old friend coming over that was in town for the weekend so I grabbed the remaining 3 chickens (whole, cut in half, that I SHOULD have already sliced and diced, bagged and froze), cut them all up (never wield a knife during an emotional moment, one too many close calls), and settled on chicken thighs with taters and onions. I'm very glad that Donna came over ... it was great to sit on the patio and talk about old times, new times, and our kids. Sometimes comparing parenting stories with those from a totally different lifestyle then your own makes you realize that parenting is pretty much the same no matter which side of the fence you sit.
Day 37 (Sunday) ... Breakfast for me...uh, german chocolate cake leftover from Saturday evening. Yes, I admit it. Kids and Hubby, on their own. Same with lunch, although really,  Hubby and I were both busy making stuff for late afternoon, early evening for the game. We opted to just do it for us, no friends or outside influence. So I made a layered salad with the dressing. And I got out the super duper dogs. Hubby did Brats and sauerkraut with onions. He also made a stellar black bean soup (nothing like mine) with andoulle sausage and jambalaya rice. Whoowee ... definitely made up for the lack of breakfast! Congratulations to Green Bay!

And how is everyone else doing??


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