Pantry Challenge, days 31, 32 and 33

Oh boy, we are into February and I'm determined!!

Monday, Day 31 - Breakfast for Sonny Boy, Princess and Hubby was the yoplait smoothies I had picked up a few weeks ago along with bagel (SB), sandwich (Princess) and protein bar (Hubby since he was on way out the door). Lunch for the kids was the same old stuff with a clementine tossed in. I had my Evil Jungle salad (which really, just the dressing to top off a regular salad and steak!). I got waylaid at work and the kids ended up having themselves ANOTHER frozen pizza before they ran to the gym (WTH? Only skinny teens can do this) ... I had a bag of popcorn and a can of coke. Pretty pathetic but it was late and I was beat.

Tuesday - Day 32. Breakfast for the Boy was pancakes and scrambled eggs. Princess more than likely made herself a breakfast sandwich. I had yogurt and a clementine. Lunch for Sonny Boy was the same thing as the past 31 days :) Princess fended for herself and I had a large salad with the rest of the evil jungle dressing and more steak! Dinner was the plan from last night, grilled cheese and tomato soup (I had salad).

Wednesday - Day 33. Wow. Can I really continue? Of course I can! Amazing. Way too much stuff, yet I have to keep picking up bread and cat litter, and oh, look, a GREAT deal on chicken and roast! Doh. So here's what we had for breakfast today, kids, the usual, I had a bagel, egg and bacon (ready cooked) sandwich.  Lunch for the kids was the same as always (after 33 days, I'm tired of typing it, day in and day out!), I had a salad with some more steak that I cooked up (yes, at 6:30am on the Panini grill). Dinner was interesting ... Princess had to work (but I did see half a grapefruit in the fridge?), Sonny Boy had tomato soup (not feeling so hot) AND I had .... a banana and a cheese stick. Uh huh. I really did. I got home at 8:30 from the gym, was beat, hot, sweaty and just didn't want to eat.  Hubby is still out, can you tell? Hope he can fly out come Friday as Houston is suppose to be getting snow (!!!???)


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