Menu Plan Monday - Week 7 of Pantry Challenge

Linking up with Organizing Junkie yet again to try and get a menu plan together during my 7th week of the Pantry Challenge.  Funny, Hubby was telling me the other night that we were running out of a LOT of stuff around here (ummmm, first it was tomato sauce, which we made with 2 cans of diced tomatoes and a can of tomato paste in the food processor and then he thought black pepper. No Dude, we'd never run out of that!)

Pantry IS starting to show signs of progress. I suppose the freezers are too, I just need to get in them and organize but still waiting for more room to appear first!

Hubby's out two nights this week so here's what me and the animal(s) will have:

Monday - I know it's valentine's day and all so I've improvised with the addition of the raspberry smoothie for desert ... otherwise, it's pasta, plain pasta which should make the Kids as happy as a clam since I've been without regular spaghetti for 2 weeks.

Tuesday - BLT's ... I may just make mine a club sandwich. Again, all around happy kids should be found here.

Wednesday - Hubby is back, and boy oh boy, he's getting Shepard's Pie. I froze most of it but kept a few pieces out for him.

Thursday - Mexican night. Not so sure if I want to do cheesy enchiladas or tacos. Probably enchiladas since I believe I've only got a package or two left of ground beef and want to save it for burgers

Friday - Night out with girls at Rocco Tacos. ::::Tequila::::: and tacos and fun! Don't worry, cabs for everyone, no one is driving. I think last count was about 10 of us confirmed ... woohoo!

Saturday - I'm quite certain that Hubby is looking forward to the baby back ribs that he had bought at Target Sunday. They had them priced at $2.29/lb which was pretty cheap compared to usual sales. He couldn't resist.

I had to resist the urge to throw in a pizza night but I know the kids were a little tired of pizza but they missed the stuff I made the other night (Friday, Tammy's Chicken Garlic Pizza, to die for!) ... and every night will have a small salad tossed in on the side.


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