Menu Plan Monday - end of February and into March!

Whoa, where did the short month of February go to?? Geesh, if I was to look at the status of my goals this morning, I could spiral into a great depression ... ick.

After cleaning out two shelves of the pantry over the weekend, and pulling a few things from the freezer (chops, pork loin, chicken), I see that I still have tons of food to go through, even after a 7 week or so Pantry Challenge. Then again, when I did go to to store last week, I was surprised at the prices ... they've really gone up since the first of the year! Disappointing and here's hopes that the crisis in the Middle East clears up quickly ($3.59 for a gallon of regular gas!?) ... we've got a lot of gas guzzling items so it would be most apprecited to lower the price soon ....

Anyways, Monday means Menu Planning ... I've started to put together a rough MONTH menu, but knowing that Hubby is traveling but not sure WHEN makes it a little more difficult! But here's what we have for the week:

Monday - soup and sandwiches (leftover cubanos from Sunday and canned soup)
Tuesday - mac and cheese with sausage (stouffers mac & cheese and chicken sausage)
Wednesday - turkey chili taco soup and pasta salad
Thursday - crockpot sante fe chicken
Friday - burgers on the grill with fries (either homefries or frying up in the fryer)
Saturday - blackened chicken sandwiches
Sunday - Pasta with homemade sauce and garlic bread

I'm hoping to post the whole menu before much longer ... so keep an eye out. Also, a few recipe reviews are on their way in ... So what are you all eating this week? Looking for ideas or just want to link up too? Head on over to Organizing Junkie Menu Plan Monday linkup!


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