A letter to the Family

Dear Family:

This household, of late, has been a depressing state.

Yes, we are ALL tired. None of us have enough time in the day to do ALL the things we want.

I know it's not FAIR, but LIFE is NOT fair. I never said it was, did I?

Without pointing fingers at anyone, but YOU do know who I'm talking to:

Please forgo slamming any and all doors. This means bedrooms, bathrooms, front door, sliding doors, refrigerator doors and cabinet doors. Trust me, we all get that you are unhappy.

Please stop mumbling under your breath. You and I both know that I'm hard of hearing so when I hear an even worse mumble than normal, the hairs on my arm stand up and make me defensive.

If you have a bone to pick with someone else in this house, please take it up directly with them and leave ME out of it. Somehow I'm not quite sure when, everyone came to the conclusion that I am the complaint department. Sorry. That department never existed and you really should make a mental note of such.

Do not scold ME for any shortcomings you might feel I or you have Sorry. Done the best I could and this is it.

I will no longer tolerate any disrespect from any one in this house. If you are unhappy with the laundry situation, do something about. Same with food, cleanliness, etc. Do NOT delegate it to someone else, if YOU have an issue, take care of it.

The cats do not belong to ME. Therefore, everyone can pitch in and help with cleaning up after them. Same for yourselves. Simple.

My day starts at 5:15am and ends at approximately 10pm. Yes, I know that you have LONG days too. However, your attitude, or lack of, is affecting MY attitude in a negative way. I will no longer deal with such negative moods. I will simply remove myself from such which in the end will result in much less being done around here.

As everyone in this household is now of legal, adult age, it is time to start acting as an adult. I'm hoping that we can all come to a mutual understanding and agree to be a much more happier household.

Love Mom.


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