Laundry ...

We all know the general rule, whites with whites, darks with darks, etc. But every once in a while, a stray item will sneak in, typically in my house, a black sock with the white towels.

But this time, well, I think we may have really done it.


Huh. I stepped away to put some of the kitchen towels away and came back to this. Figured he found a great hiding spot from Kitty Kitty. Unfortunately, I believe he slept there for most of the day and I ended up booting him out that night and redoing the rest of those WHITES.

*This is Gman, the old kitty that we are "fostering" for oh, 7 months now??*


  1. Aww very cute!! And they always want to be in there when you are trying to fold the clothes! My Kitties love the dryer too.


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