It's Sunday ...

and I'm off Monday in honor of President's Day. So here's what I plan to do in the next day :)

1. Dentist appt at 8am. I just know I'm going to hear that I have a cavity that needs to be filled. May go ahead and make THAT appointment too.
2. 8:30am is the dentist cleaning. Woohoo
3. Bug man arrives at home while I'm gone! Hubby will have to wait it out OR wait, I can wake one of the lazy kids :)
4. Costco. Yeah. I'm going to Costco. $100 AE gift card is ALL I'm taking. No debit. No cash (well, yes I'll take some cash) I have a very specific list.
5. Wash the SUV. With the help of Sonny Boy since that was the agreement for him to use it Friday night.
6. Laundry, iron and put away.
7. Make salad for next couple of days. DONE
8. Grill chicken for salad lunches. DONE
9. Clean out fridge (main)
10. Clean out fridge (guest)
11. Organize garage freezer. I see pockets of space which makes me very very happy
12. Dust and vacuum master bedroom.
13. Dust and mop master bathroom.
14. Clean laundry room (damn cats and litter)
15. Finish mopping the house (got half done on Sunday)
16. Make derm. appt for sonny boy
17. Make eye dr appt for Sonny boy and me

I think that will be it? I would also like to precook some of this weeks meal plan since I plan on hitting the gym at least 3 times this week, with today being day one. I will go in the evening with Hubby as he wants to do a medicine ball workout too ...

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