Yes, I did another run to Costco. Was going to go yesterday (Sunday) but decided to go after my dentist appt this morning. Very list specific ....

10 lb onions $4.79
large bag of crumbled bacon bits $9.99
10 lb bag of carrots $6.99
6 lb of ground sirloin patties $16.99 (whoa, these have gotten expensive!)
2 pks of honey roasted turkey $7.98 and $7.79 each
4 pk celery hearts $3.59
10 lb red delicious apples $8.99
3 lbs bananas $1.47
3 half & half  $1.69 each
2 gallons skim milk $2.29 each
2 gallons 2% milk, $2.39 each
40 ct orville popcorn $9.89
artesian lettuce heads (8 total I think?) $3.99
3 dozen xlarge eggs $3.99
large container organic spinach $4.49
36 ct water bottles $3.49
2 propel 24 pks $7.99 each (after coupon)

I had 2 $50 american expresss gift cards and one with a balance of $27. Yes, I used them all up. Well, I have $3 or so left on the one.

NOTE: They didn't have any romaine lettuce (WTH?), the sweet peppers were $5, the lunchmeat had different prices per lb so I dug through and got the ones that were $3.65/lb instead of $3.99/lb. No large tomatoes. It was kind of an odd trip, I thought. That's why I got the spinach and artesian lettuce main reason for going was milk, lunchmeat AND lettuce. Uggg.


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