Pantry Challenge - Days 7, 8 and 9

Thankfully I am finally feeling better...whew. A whole week under the weather is really bad for me!

Here's what we've been eating (and mind you, the menu plan was pretty much tossed out the window!)

Friday - yogurt and toast for me, sonny boy was on his own, Hubby had cereal (tried to give him oatmeal, no go), lunch for me was salad with the remainder of the ham and Hubby had pressed turkey and mont. jack cheese sandwich with a a salad. Sonny boy & princess fended for themselves. Dinner was the awesome chicken chili that Hubby had started in the crockpot on Thursday with crusty toasted bread.

Saturday - breakfast, toast for those who wanted with sliced apples, lunch was leftover chili and tortilla chips. Dinner was pork chops and scalloped taters (boxed, from pantry, didn't feel like doing the whole song and dance).

Sunday - breakfast was waffles (I realized I had 5 boxes of pancake mix in the pantry and 3 large bottles of syrup!) and sausage patties with some cantaloupe and grapefruit sections. Lunch, leftover chili with bread and dinner is to be homemade pepperoni pizzas and chicken wings prepared on the grill (better than frying AND they get this awesome smoky flavor).

So how is everyone else doing on the challenge? I had Hubby and Sonny Boy stop at the store to get milk and bread, and he also picked up spinach but that went in the freezer. $12 was his cost.


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