Pantry Challenge, days 22, 23 and 24

Yes, I definately think I need to continue this into February ... as much as I hate to say it I'm not making anywhere near as much progress as I had thought I would. Oh, what was that? Costco? Aldi's? Well, yeah. I know.

Here's what we've been eating:

Saturday, Day 22 - breakfast was pretty much fend for yourself as was lunch. I believe there were a few nutty buddy bars mixed in there somewhere. Dinner was an awesome spinach and blue cheese mix stuffed into porkchops and baked. Excellent meal, thank you Hubby!  Alongside was to have been stuffed double bake taters, but ended up turning them into mashed taters as the skins were not holding up so well. Regardless, it was a pretty damn tasty meal!

Sunday, Day 23 - breakfast was the rest of the sausage and bacon from freezer (oh, I'm sure there's more bacon, I just have to find it) ... along with squishy white bread toast and scrambled eggs. Also cut up a cantelope to be devoured. It's wasn't.  Lunch was a fend for yourself type thing yet again as we ate the breakfast late, like 11 to 11:30ish.  Dinner was the burgers FINALLY along with some wings for the football games.  Was looking forward to frying up the fries and onion rings too, even went so far as to give the fryer a detailed cleaning and then it got too late to get the fryer going. Maybe next time ...

Monday, Day 24 - back to work and the usual grind: Princess had class all day today so she requested her usual breakfast sandwich (used the precooked microwave bacon), Sonny Boy had no school today so he did a bagel and carnation at lunchtime when he finally rolled out of bed, I had ... ::GASP:: nothing (!!) but did have a handful of carrots when I got to the office (honestly, time got away and completely FORGOT about eating!!), Hubby had the same thing he's had for the previous 23 days (GUESS?). Lunch for me was leftover taters (from Saturday) and a burger chopped and mixed with it, I also have a salad that I didn't eat. Hubby had the last pork chop and taters. Kids had whaetver they scrounged up (oh wait, Sonny Boy was JUST now eating)...Princess had tossed something in a bag before she left. So I get home, and go for my walk/jog/run and am gone much longer than anticpated (it was bulk trash day and then I found a puppy that was locked out of his home and such) and told Sonny Boy to just toss something together. Food? How can I think of food when I'm sweating and trying to recoup my oxygen levels??? Hubby will have a sandwich and soup. I may have a half of a sandwich but seriously, just not hungry at the moment.

So how is every one else doing on their pantry challenge? Is it getting more difficult? Or are you like me and still have sooooo much to use up?
So how is everyone else doing out there?


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