Pantry Challenge, Days 16, 17 and 18

Oddly enough, I sort of forgot for a few days there that I was doing a pantry challenge? What's that? Oh. I went shopping. Yeah. Aldi's and Costco. Good news on the Costco front (even though I spent way more that I had planned) is I stuck with my list, diligently and even put a few things back after pricing them. I'm currently well stocked with toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, tp, papertowel, tampons, mouthwash and bathsoap. I would say the same for shampoo and conditioner, but Sonny Boy has long (luscious) thick hair that he seems to think needs a TON of shampoo (as does the Princess, but his is longer and thicker) ... I KNOW they NEED tons of conditioner.

So lets take a peek at what we've been eating, shall we?

Sunday, breakfast was sausage patties, bagels and bananas with some oj. Lunch was leftovers from Friday night (and thankfully the are ALL gone). Dinner was pepperoni paninis and a green salad.

Monday (I was off and shopped most of the day!), Sonny boy had a bagel and carnation, I had a banana (I know, I know), Hubby had his Cheerios (he's going to be upset when this bag is empty, it's then Special K with Berries), lunch for Sonny boy was bagel bites, I had a salad with my favorite honey mustard dressing and a hardboiled egg diced over the top, Hubby had a large salad with ham and cheese. Dinner is soup (it's was gettng late and geesh, I still don't know what kind to make) with a salad and dinner rolls (Sonny Boy said he needs something substantial). I ended up taking the turkey, throwing it in with 2 containers of chicken broth, 2 cups water, small bag of diced onions and a bag of frozen mixed beans and carrots into a pot with seasoning and let it simmer for about 45 minutes. Dished up and topped with shredded Parmesan ... not so bad!

Tuesday, I wanted to focus on getting a decent workout in BEFORE 7am ... had one of these Muscle Milk Lite drinks. I know that's why I can't work out well in the morning, week, tired and I haven't eaten so I tried it .... Sonny Boy has finals this week, so made him a smoothie, bagel with egg and bacon. Hubby (GUESS?!) had his usual. I also took a banana.  Lunch for the boy was the usual stuff and I had a large garden salad with some chopped hardboiled egg and more of the HM dressing :)...Hubby had a salad with a ham and cheese sandwich. We also both brought along a small container of leftover soup. Dinner was Spicy McChix like sandwiches with baby carrots on the side and a HC Fudge Bar for dessert (oh yummm)

So how is everyone else doing out there??


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