Pantry Challenge - Days 13, 14 and 15

Continuing on ...

Day 13 - breakfast for the kids, eggs (only 4 left, will need to get more), bacon (all gone now) and toast. Hubby had oatmeal (can't get in the cabinet with cereal in guest kitchen as the drum set is all there for tonights easy loading), me, yogurt and banana. Lunch for the kids is as usual and I had a salad with hardboiled eggs, turkey lunchmeat and cheese over the top with my favorite vinaigrette dressing, hubby had salad, and his tuna sandwich (again? WTH Hubby, eat it already!) Dinner was supposed to have been fried turkey cubano type theme sandwich. Didn't quite do that. We took Princess to eat instead at the little Japanese restaurant down the street since Sonny Boy was out doing his Battle of the Bands contest (they won! Of course they did!)

Day 14 - Friday, at last!  Breakfast, Princess had an egg, sausage and cheese burrito (2 eggs left!), Sonny Boy on his own, Hubby, Cheereos and me, oatmeal (gag), lunch for kids, on their own, salad and tuna for me and hubby. Dinner is Happy Hour with a few friends coming over, all the stuff is from the freezer and pantry: shrimp cocktail with lemon wedges, meatballs in the crockpot with Mr. Yoshida's sauce, snasuages with bbq sauce, cheese spread and crackers, celery and carrots with ranch dip, and I think that's it .... instead of going to the store to buy beer, I stuck with a bottle of white wine that I picked up from the store previously and made myself a few white wine spritzers.

Day 15 - the half way mark! Woohoo. I do have little gaps here and there in the freezers so I'm feeling a little better. I really need to get in there and reorganize them, consolidate and such now that there is room and need to get the pantry more orderly too now that there is room ... of course, after my Aldi's trip, not so much ... breakfast is fend for yourself for all. Leftovers for Hubby and the kids do their own thing. Lunch was a smorgasbord of leftovers and such from last night. Dinner was originally to be steaks and baked taters, but then realized that I should eat the whole 1/2 of the fried turkey I took out that we didn't use, so that turned into what I had hoped to be turkey, mashed taters and green beans with gravy. No one home but Hubby and I, so we ended up making it a date night out at Beach Place which we never ever go to and The Big Kahuna ...
I forgot to mention that on day 12, I had to go to Publix yet again for a few loaves of French bread for Sonny Boy's French class. Tried to get some at Croissant Time but they were all out :( $13 later and I had 2 loaves of french bread, 4 pk of hoagies, gallon of milk, 6 cups yogurt, 2 pkgs of chicken sausage (rain check and $4 coupons, so cheap!), and a bottle of wine.

There is also a Costco trip coming up...thought I would push to the end of the month but now thinking of going on Monday since I'm off and to get that done and just stock up on milk and veggies to the end of the month ... I did pick up the stuff I needed asap (coffee, cheese, bread, bagels, eggs) at Aldi's which cost me $110 (!!??)  ... If I had waited, I could have bought triple the amount to get me through the end with $40. Of course, I will buy other stuff too ... unfortunately.

How's everyone else doing on their challenge??


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