Pantry Challenge - Day 4 to 6

Ahh...I think I'm making progress ...

Day 4 - breakfast for sonny boy was the same as every day it seems, bagel and banana and carnation breakfast ... Hubby had his usual Cheerios and orange. I had a banana along with an egg and ham (honey baked) sandwich.  Lunch for sonny boy same as always, hubby had his salad and a turkey (honey baked) sandwich whereas I had salad with turkey (honey baked) and my homemade vinaigrette dressing with a snack of applesauce. I also have an instant oatmeal pack stashed just in case.  Dinner WAS to have been the shrimp packs but since there is SO much leftover food in fridge, I've opted to do a fend for yourself leftover night ... and I ate nothing since I'm feeling M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E.

Day 5 - Breakfast was actually almost waffles, but then I realized that I'm still sick and heck, someone should make ME waffles (ok, I do not really mean that, but maybe I do!) ... so it's just a bagel for Sonny Boy, I had a banana and a tangerine, and Hubby, what else, Cheerios.  Lunch was the usual for the Boy, hubby got honey baked turkey, mashed taters (leftovers) and a veggie medley (freezer) ... I had a salad with some honey baked ham and homemade dressing ... dinner was LEFTOVERS yet again and Sonny Boy and g/f had frozen pizza (last one from the freezer). Hubby DID make some hotdogs that were out but only one was eaten.

Day 6 - WTH, I'm STILL sick! Sonny boy, guess what he ate? Guess what Hubby ate? Me? I had a fried egg and ham sandwich. Lunch for SB was the same, and I even made the same fro Princess since she starts classes again today at 8am and needs to be waaaaaay out west by then (I need to get a post up about THAT soon), Hubby is having a small salad and ham sandwich and I will have a salad with turkey. Dinner is planned to be chili cheese dogs since the dogs were already charred on the grill ... but now I get an email from Hubby asking what the plans are for tonight ... perhaps he's feeling sorry for me and wants to take me out?

*It should be noted that Princess, the mighty one, fends for herself and usually eats toast with Nutella for breakfast and salad and/or soup for lunch. But this isn't guaranteed. Sometimes she's at work which she can eat at for free, other times she just grazes on whatever is in front of her ... so I don't list her meals as I don't prepare them nor see her eat 90% of the time in the mornings and afternoons!


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