Pantry Challenge - Day 1 to 3

So far so good ... but 3 days dont' really do a whole lot of damage to the pantry/freezer!

Day 1 - New Years Day, sick as a dog, and NO, not hung over. Spent most of the day on the couch with an occasional trip to the throne and the kitchen.  Served up leftover honey baked ham, cheese platter, mustard selections and mini breads ... oh wait, did that look like leftovers from Friday night? Surely it wasn't? This was breakfast, lunch and dinner for those who chose to eat or even inquire as to what was for dinner (the nerve!)

Day 2 - Sunday ... feeling a little better. Made the fatal trip to Aldi's to get milk since SOMEONE forgot to pick it up on their way home from girlfriend last night (doh Sonny Boy!) $96 and a bunch of PANTRY stuff later ... with only a 3 hour nap on the couch, felt much more productive and fed the family honey baked turkey breast (yeah, they do have that and its' to die for!) along with a bag of steamer mashed taters from the freezer. Served up the ham and the cheese and mini breads too just in case any of the remaining teens wanted any ...

Day 3 - Monday, first day official work day of the new year. Breakfast was cereal from pantry for hubby and I, Sonny Boy had the usual bagel and banana (hubby and I had oranges and bananas), lunch for SB was the usual nutella & pb sandwich, fruity snack things, nutty buddy (thanks to Aldi), nutrigrain bar. Hubby had a ham sandwich (honey baked ham on a deli thin, highly recommend!) with a salad and I had a salad with turkey. Of course, when I got to the office, saw that my fried turkey with veggies was in fridge from Friday so ate that instead! Dinner was pasta with meatballs and sauce. Didn't do the bread so I made crescent rolls instead.

Have not made much progress on the pantry, fridge or freezer so to speak with all the leftovers ... hoping to move forward on that along with this damn cold.

Go check out the challenge over at Good Cheap Eats (foodie blog that belongs to Life As Mom) ... lots of others are joining in ...


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