Menu Plan Monday - January 3rd

It's a new month and a new year. I just love it! I'm ready to get back to routine now that the holidays and traveling are over for now ... I don't see anything spetaular non the calendar this week, besides getting caught up at work so I should have a little more time in the kitchen ...

As I'm trying STILL to clean out the freezers and pantry, I am going to attempt to do a sort of / kind of attempt at a freezer/pantry challenge. Seems to have been the story for the past 4 months or so, huh? :) The only thing I really need is milk, bread and some salad stuff to get me through the week. 20 bucks or so should do it ... (ok, REALLY, I typed this up on Saturday and ran to Aldis on Sunday and spent $95 freakin dollars ... granted, $30+ was for a really cool cast iron 5qt dutch oven but still...)

Monday - pasta with pull apart garlic bread and salad (or I may just do this french bread for easier night!)
Tuesday - shrimp packets with salad (will eliminate the shrooms and use white wine instead of mirin-for the life of me, can't find MY recipe)
Wednesday - quisidiallas and black bean soup (so looking forward to using the new immersion blender my MIL gave me!)
Thursday - hot dogs (not sure if I want to do chili cheese dogs or chicago style) and oven fries
Friday - chicken on the grill with salad
Saturday - leaving up to Hubby but probably pork chops and these taters (I will highly recommend it!)
Sunday - homemade pizza using Life As Mom recipe (I've got all the fixins in the freezer to go along with it!)

Looking for some ideas for dinner?? Hop on over to the Organizing Junkie and check out the 300+ menu plans that bloggers post each week!


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