Making those goals

Oh lets see, we are 11 days into the New Year and it's time for me to stop, bash smell the roses and evaluate my goals to date.

I never did really list any of my goals, besides the simple ones: pantry challenge for January (clean out pantry and freezers) and 20% to 25% of all deposits move to savings. And be a nicer mom and wife. And pet owner. And a better housecleaner. And exercise. And....

Oh. Sorry. I do have a tendency to ramble but it IS my blog so I can if I want.

Back on track.

1. The one deposit I've made so far this year HAS had 20% moved. Almost $300 added to the savings account. Sweet. Now if it can just stay there, I'd be happy! I have another deposit to make and that will add another $85. I need to investigate how to do a transfer from the one "convenient" savings account to the other less convenient (accessible) savings account. AND also see if there is a fee to do so.

2.  Pantry challenge. Hopefully you've followed along on my 3 day updates? So far so good. I did blow it in the very beginning by going to Aldi's and spending a LOT but that's tapered off and really digging deep in the freezers and pantry now. We've actually been eating good the past few days because I'm finally feeling better and ready to cook!  I've got 20 more days to go and do NOT see any issues ... there is a Costco trip by the end of the month which should be fine since the freezers should be close to BARE (yeah right, in MY dreams).

3.  Exercising. Ok, so 10 days into the year, I finally applied myself. Again (EXCUSE!!) being sick was a real blow to the first week.  I walked 1 1/2 miles yesterday with a few blocks that were jogged. That's more than I set out to do, originally planned and set my goal at 1 mile so woohoo for me! I also did a few butt exercises when I got back to cool down a bit. 

*Everyday on my way to work down A1A, aka Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., I see a huge group of women working out. I know it's a boot camp and I'm pretty sure that it originates on the other side of Sunrise blvd. bridge ... anyways, I always watch them while at the stop light (for once I'm so glad to get caught by the city's longest light!) and make notes of what they are doing.  Yesterday, they did this one thing and I thought, ohhhh....yeah that would be good.  Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Reach for sky with both hands, bend down, slightly bend knees and touch right hand to outside of left foot, jump (or stand if you have bad knees) to starting position and repeat with left hand to outside of right foot. I did this 50 times last night and OW my saddle bags were SORE! Another thing I saw them doing last week was just the step ups which again is an excellent butt workout.  BUT they were using the wave wall which is probably a good 2 feet step up? I suppose if you have stairs in your house you could do 2 stairs instead of one. Anyways, at the top of the step, pull one knee up like you are doing a Cheer! Then back down and repeat with other leg!

Ok, there you have it. My 3 major goals and a tip or two! :) I need to go over to my exercise blog and rouse up some more motivation!


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